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Property management is the backbone of Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Solutions business and is the most important service in terms of impact on the preservation of invested capital

The Property Management function, when properly performed, not only preserves the investment but also optimizes the economic opportunity of its owner(s). This includes maximizing the cash flow and increasing the net value of the investment. Too often companies consider property management as only a care-taking function. Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Solutions takes an active, hands-on approach in each property with the utmost in individual attention.

Keeping in mind that all properties are not created equal, and all owners have different goals and requirements, Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Solutions has developed its management program with four basic criteria:

  1. Concern for the Clients Objectives
  2. Flexibility
  3. High Standards of Professionalism
  4. Innovation
Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Solutions goes beyond the traditional property management function of collecting rents and paying operating expenses. By the use of sophisticated accounting systems, Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Solutions makes every effort to keep the owner informed - in a format that he can understand and use. The client is kept informed of changing rental markets, prevailing economic trends and needed maintenance via the monthly narrative attached to each financial statement. Communication is a major service of Spectrum Commercial Real Estate Solutions

When a property is assigned to our portfolio, procedures are immediately initiated to:

  • Determine clients objectives
  • Abstract existing leases
  • Inventory vacant space/units
  • Review corporate and CC&R documents
  • Create owner tables and payables
  • Evaluate current accounts receivable
  • Review contract labor needs and competitive bid procedures
  • Review staffing needs and existing staff abilities
  • Develop tenant rapport
  • Review and/or establish budgets

    Property Types Managed

    • Office
    • Homeowner Associations/Condominiums
    • Retail
    • Industrial/Warehouse
    • Apartments

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