Research Services

Spectrum Commercial's research department has been continually supporting our property management, consulting, asset management and corporate operations for over twelve years, providing our brokers and our clients with constant access to critical information.

Using both proprietary research and thousands of dollars worth of purchased data, SCRES provides the most accurate market knowledge available helping you determine your real estate alternatives.

This includes researching and analyzing competitive properties, prevailing market conditions and building occupancy. Services such as identification of prospective buyers or tenants through market strategy development using state-of-the-art proprietary systems and transaction services including property sales, lease negotiations, and lease renewals can be provided.

Today, the marketplace is more sophisticated and requires a more detailed and professional approach to selling commercial property. Here is our approach:

  • Creating a Project Profile
    A complete study of the project is performed to create a Project Profile and get a thorough understanding of the property and its relationship to the marketplace and competing properties. The demographics of the project and surrounding area are analyzed, and available financial data is secured and reviewed. Once the Project Profile is complete, the broker will be best able to identify and pursue the Target Market.

  • Defining a Target Market
    The Target Market is identified by industry type, size and geographic considerations. Lists are created to identify particular firms and individuals within the Target Market. The Research Department at SCRES maintains numerous databases which contain up-to-date information of current land and building owners, recent sale transactions, available property for sale, property users, and local, regional and national land buyers and developers. Using the parameters established for the Target Market, lists are generated from these databases which will then be used for cold calling, direct mail, and background information on specific prospects.